Undertake a custom boat fabrication project in Brick Township, NJ

Showcase Your Individuality on Your Boat

Why have a boat like all the others when you can stand out? Speed Marine, LLC completes custom boat fabrication projects for clients in Brick Township, NJ. From boat painting to engine building, our experts can create your dream boat in our full machine shop.

You'll be the envy of other boat owners when they see you on the water with your custom boat. Call 732-920-7669 now to make your vision a reality.

How will you customize your boat?

The only limit to your custom boat project is your imagination. With a highly skilled team on the job, you can stretch your creative muscles and get exactly what you've always wanted from your boat. You'll have options to customize your...

Boat painting job
Marine exhaust system
MIG and TIG welded features

Reach out to our team today to discuss your ideas for a custom boat fabrication project.